Collection from the shop & Decorating Yourself


Latex balloons filled with helium
Floating time up to 12 hours
£1.20 each
Plain pearlized
£1.40 each

Floating time two to three days (balloons treated with hi-float). This is necessary for balloons required for early mornings and Sundays

£1.40 each
Plain pearlized
£1.60 each pattererned

To assist with transportation the balloons can be bagged up f.o.c.
A bag usually holds up to fifteen latex balloons.

We can tie our balloons to a selection of weights at a cost of:-

3 latex (hi-floated) £8.00 per cluster
5 latex (hi-floated) £12.00 per cluster

2 latex (hi-floated) and 1 foil £10.00 per cluster
3 latex (hi-floated) and 2 foils £16.00 per cluster

3 foils (18 inch) £13.00 per cluster
5 foils (18 inch) £21.00 per cluster


Foil Balloons

Foil Balloons start at £3.75 each and will float for upto 7 days. Obviously it is advisable to purchase the balloons as near to the event as possible.


Large foil numbers - Silver, Gold, Black, Pink, Rose Gold, Blue, Purple & Red (Always check colour is in stock)
£9.99 each
£10.99 (with weight)


Also available are Foil Letters in silver, blue, pink and gold. These must be ordered at least seven days in advance.

£9.99 each
£10.99 (with weight)

Large shaped foils from £7.99 each


Jumbo size 36" Foil Heart, Star or Round with personalised writing both sides. Attached to weight using tulle and tied at neck of balloon with a beautiful tulle bow
£30.00 each

If only attaching to weight with ribbons
£25.00 each


Balloon Weights

from £1.00 each


Hiring of Helium Canisters

We hire out a cylinder which can inflate 200 eleven inch latex balloons.

A deposit of £160 is required in the form of cash or a cheque which will be refunded on the safe return of the cylinder.

The cylinder has a visual gauge and we will only charge you for the approximate amount of helium used.

Quarter of a cylinder used - £40.00

Half of a cylinder used - £80.00

3 quarters of a cylinder used - £120.00

Full cylinder used - £160.00 (approximately to the nearest quarter)

We will refund any unused helium on the safe return of the cylinder and nozzle.


Hiring out of Balloon net

A refundable deposit of £50 is required in the form of cash or a cheque on the safe return of the balloon net


Air Machine

A refundable deposit of £100 is required in the form of cash or a cheque on the safe return of the air machine


Printed Latex Balloons

Latex balloons can be printed

Up to 5 words

Price on application


Personalised Foil Balloons

We can write a personalised message on foil balloons
£1.50 per side


Personalised Banners

We can order a personalised banner - size 6 feet long by 18 inches high. It is important that this is ordered one week in advance £18.99

Metallic Curtaining (ideal behind stage and dance floors)
Colours: Silver, Gold and Red
Size: 92 cm drop 244cm wide
£5.99 per pack


Balloon in a Box

Plain White box £4.99

Decorated white box £15.00

Balloon in a box collected from Best Wishes £15.00

Balloon in a box delivered locally from £20.00

Balloon in a box - postal delivery from £20.00